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Located just 50km (30mi)  from the busy metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, K.L. International Airport will be easily accessible from places throughout Malaysia by road and rail links. The new airport is ideally located in the middle of the Asia Pacific region and is also conveniently situated in the futuristic Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), an evolving version of California's Silicon Valley. This region of Malaysia is also the location of Putrajaya, the country's new administrative capital about 20 minutes away. The intelligent administration city using state-of-the-art IT facilities will be part of the Multimedia Super Corridor and linked directly to the new airport. The new airport and Putrajaya will be further linked electronically and physically to Cyberjaya which is a multimedia catalyst centre created for global research and development.

The airport will be part and parcel of the Multimedia Super Corridor where placement of high technology industries are being actively pursued. These industries will propel Malaysia into the next millennium. Surround by four main cities of Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Seremban and Malacca, the airport will be a catchment area and will offer opportunities for a hive of business activities.


The domestic-flights only Main Terminal Building (along with the 3000ft- long Contact Pier) is about 3.6 mn sq ft in area while the Satellite Building (international flights) is 1.6 mn sq ft in size. Together, they would have 216 check-in counters and almost 70 each for immigration and emigration. The courtyard between the Main Terminal Building and Contact Pier, as well as the center courtyard of the Satellite Building will be densely planted to create an image of the Malaysian Rain forest thus potraying the effect of a "forest in the airport". An automated people-mover shuttle system (called the Tracked Transit System) links the terminal and satellite building.

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