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Main Terminal Building Main Terminal Building

MAPS: Main Terminal Building - Ground Level
MAPS: Main Terminal Building - Level 2
MAPS: Main Terminal Building - Level 3
MAPS: Main Terminal Building - Level 4
MAPS: Main Terminal Building - Level 5

The picture above shows the Main Terminal Building (MTB) in the centre with the two-armed Contact Pier extending outwards at the back. The MTB is flanked by dome-shaped roof covered carpark buildings. In the far left-hand corner is the four-armed Satellite building.

This large passenger terminal complex, whose facade has a rippling wave-like roof supported by a colonnade of majestic granite-clad conical columns, is designed with an emphasis on natural light, transparency and greenery. The MTB will be of an architecturally distinctive design. The unique stainless steel roof forms of green cladding are designed to imply advanced technologies of flight - wings and aerodynamics using hyperbolic / parabolic shapes. The terminal building complex reflects a Malaysian identity. Abstract geometric floor patterns and wood carving panels will reflect Malaysian cultural design.

Main Terminal Building

The 241,000 sq metre (2.6mn sq ft) MTB is designed to allow an annual capacity of 25 million passengers from opening day. It houses customs and immigration counters, duty free and retail outlets, and restaurants. The steel, timber-like ceiling is held up by conical pillars and flanked by shiny granite floors, large glass-paned walls and numerous check-in counters (below).




Departure Level
Departure level

The Departure Level is on Level 5 (top level) of the MTB, and caters to both domestic and international departures. There are a total of 216 check-in counters along six check-in islands, identified by alphabets A to M (excluding I). For tour groups, check-in counters are available at the Ground Level of MTB. Advance check-in as early as eight hours ahead of scheduled time of departure is also provided. Ticket prices would already include a Passenger Service Charge (PSC) of RM40.00 for international passengers or RM5.00 for domestic passengers. All domestic and some international departures are from the MTB while Satellite A caters solely to international departures. The MTB is linked, by an automated train shuttle, with the four-armed satellite building (Satellite A) where international passengers make connections to other flights.


To speed up immigration clearance for departing passengers, there are 61 counters, and for arriving passengers, they can move rapidly through 69 immigration counters, 16 transfer counters and 32 customs counters as well as retrieve their baggage from one of 12 carousels (10 for international passengers and 2 for domestic passengers). The baggage handling system will employ a fully automated state-of-the-art system using High Speed Belt Conveyors (see below).



Complimentary luggage trolleys are available within the MTB. At the Covered Car Park, trolleys can be found at specific nests on all floors.

Most airlines allow a 20kg allowance. Excess baggage charges are applicable if your baggage exceeds this weight. If your baggage is over-sized, check it in at the counter identified for this purpose at the end of the check-in lanes. Alternatively, you could choose to airfreight your excess baggage separately at a lower rate. Consult your airline for further information.

Only passengers with boarding passes are allowed into the departure area. Please present your boarding pass to the security personnel at the entrance of the departure area, before proceeding to Immigration. In the interest of security, only passengers with valid boarding passes will be allowed into specific Departure Lounges. Present your boarding pass at the entrance of the Departure Lounge. You are advised to proceed to the Departure Lounge at least 30 minutes before departure time.


The operational concept is based on a 24-hour daily operation providing check-in service anytime and anywhere. Incorporating automatic bar-code sorting control, 4 level in-line baggage security screening and high speed conveyor belts. BHS operates efficient and safe transportation of inbound and outbound bags between the Main Terminal Building and Satellite Building.

Major Features of the BHS:

More views of the MTB's Interior



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