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Contact Pier

The two-armed Contact Pier as shown above is attached to the Main Terminal Building (MTB). This is where all domestic flights and short-haul international flights will depart from. The contact pier is about 900m (3000ft) in length and 95,000 sq meters (1mn sq ft) in size, with 20 fixed passenger bridges for ease of boarding.

Contact Pier
"Walkalators" or "Travelators"

Contact Pier
The gates at the Pier along with the bridges

pier4.jpg (7804 bytes)
Glass-walled Passenger Loading Bridges

Contact Pier


Aircraft Gate

The KLIA has a total of 106 aircraft stands. These aircraft stands are located at the Main Terminal Building, Satellite Building and remote bays.

The Main Terminal Building will be docking both international as well as domestic flights. It therefore consist of the following:

The Satellite Building will only be docking international flights. It consist of:

Additionally, there will be 21 stands in the remote bay.

Remote Bay Stand

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